The show, the beach, Mojigangas and more

It has been awhile since my last blog and much has happened. My show, featuring watercolors of San Miguel, Pueblita Precioso, was a very nice success. Sales were very favorable and encouraging. Sold many on opening night.

Soon after we took a break at the beach, Troncones, where I had the pleasure of painting almost everyday with Al Skar.

Several of the plein aire paintings done there found new homes.



I have always been an admirer and friend of Hermes Arroyo, master mojiganga creator.


If you google him, you can read about his creative and interesting life and follow him on facebook.  He has a fascinating store on 66 Calle San Francisco.

His work is the inspiration for some new paintings (cups and prints) that celebrate the culture and customs of San Miguel. These sold almost immediately to a collector near Puebla. Prints and cups are available.

IMG_2691IMG_2601IMG_2610 2IMG_3482.jpgSo while i continue to indulge in Mojiganga excursions, I have embarked on a new focus;

Antique Mexican toys. These paintings are also popular and several have sold. I enjoy working on composition and value as well as bringing attention to the handmade crafts of Mexico that may be fast disappearing.


Stay in touch. Lorie and I are working on book number 2.

Be well,


Pueblito Precioso: Vistas Antiquas y mas

Please join me at a new and unique exhibition of paintings December 1st 5-7 at Galeria San Francisco Fabrica Aurora. There are matted and framed paintings, matted paintings and new posters and mugs from new Mojiganga series. Posters (12 x 18) are 200 pesos and mugs (printed in design of your choice) are 250 pesos. Shipping of mugs and posters to the states is available. Please order before December 5th.



flyer for show..

imagesmaller print vertical mojigangas 2 12 x 18smaller mojigangas 1 12 x 18smaller mojiganga 3 18 x 12IMG_2758

Maine and the Maritimes

Summer in Maine is a gift for artists. I painted almost everyday and successfully found homes for many of them. Water, roca & colors were a nice break from  usual high dessert landscapes.

Wednesday the 19th begins another session of watercolor classes at the Galeria San Francisco annex at Fabrica Aurora.. Classes are almost full so if you are interested, please contact me immediately.

While on a recent trip around the British Isles and Ireland, I was able to capture a few interesting scenes and several of these have also been sold.


I have a solo show  coming in November on the 16th…”El Pueblito precioso: Vistas Antiguas” in the Galeria San Francisco centro. Reception from 5-7.

The focus of the show are paintings of San Miguel based on old photos.

Several have already been sold but below is a preview.

More announcements about the show will be forthcoming. I look forward to seeing you there.


June on the coast of Maine

lobster saladWe have been lucky enough to have a beautiful place to stay near Rockland, Maine for a month.

While the first days were rainy, the weather has opened up to quintessential Maine sunny skies and glistening waters. In between meals of lobsters, clams, steamers, crab and oyster, I have been painting a variety of scenes and vistas. The painting choices are a nice change from our home base of Mexico.

All watercolors are 12 x16 on Saunders 150 lb. paper. For information, prices and availability, please contact me.

Enjoy these lovely scenes of Maine..more to come..

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This past Friday Ric drove us up,up into the mountains to the south to Alonso Yanez. The little capilla we chose to paint is called Capilla de Santa Cruz de Oro y Plata.  The scene was a cacophony of banners and cross stitched shadows. We all approached the scene with different strengths. The sounds of the flapping banners and birds songs made for a wonderful painting meditation.

Ric and his truck are a godsend for these adventures.

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Catching up

On March 23rd, Lorie and Ric and I went to paint at a Capilla in Boca de Canada. Ric had discovered the Capilla on one of his Sunday walks. It was the first time in  awhile we had been out to paint. It felt great. The church happens to be right above where our grandkids go to camp!

Lorie did write a piece on her blog about the outing…

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Winter Break and Beach Time

It has been quite some time since my last post. We took a winter break to go to New York and then to visit family for the holidays.  Just before the break , I ended with a wonderful class and workshop at the Galeria San Francisco annex. Students gained expertise and experience…excellent work.

Now, we have been vacationing and painting in Loreto in the Baja Sur. Water and beach and flowers and shells have been great subjects.

There is a large market for Loreto paintings here!


Picazon beach


Before we left for the Baja, some interesting subjects caught my eye and these paintings are now framed and on exhibit at the galeria in centro.


There are new workshops scheduled for March 7,8,14,15  and March 21,22,28 &29. There is limited space, of course. If interested, please email me Positive, painless and pleasant.

El Corazon de Jesus

This past Friday, Lorie, Ric and I drove to Juan Gonzalez and painted Capilla del Señor del la Piedad. The only entrance to this little pueblito was to cross the river in Ric’s truck. The day was sunny and we were treated to unique and different architecture with interesting wall designs and church tower.

I was intriqued with the surrounding wall and  shadows.


On the gate of the wall, it says “El Corazon del Jesus” written in a combinatión of words and sculpture.

We were surrounded all afternoon with interested bystanders, children, sheep, goats and horses. This all adds to the charm of the Plein Aire experience.


I am getting more pleased with looseness and light.

Wonderful students…great classes..

Another set of classes has started with newbies and experienced painters….Successful outcomes with new techniques and Concentration!



I also used an example of 2 paintings as a lesson in composition.: one I started and realized the focal point was dead center, a nono. The second is more successful.

New classes will restart early February and all of March.   Join us.